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Feb 8, 2006
Mount Laurel, NJ
Hey everyone! I was just wanting to ask what you guys do or don't do. Do you feed your tanks Phyto or DTs or just allow filter feeders to get what they can out of the water? If you don't use phyto or DTs what do you use? I've been bouncing around with a few products and am looking for a few other options. Any responses would be great! Thanks
I use Marine Snow right now, used to have DT's but I used it all up and now it's gone. I like the Marine Snow, the corals seem to react to it well...but I liked the DT's better.
I feed DT's phyto three times a week for my Crocea clam, gorgonias, and to keep my pod population high. I feed DT's oyster eggs also, twice a week, mainly for my SPS corals. Phyto is good for soft coral, clams, and some filter feeders like feather dusters, gorgonias, etc. It also, theoretically, increases the amount of pods, leading to more natural food sources for some corals and fish. Zooplankton is mainly for SPS corals, and maybe some LPS. Many plankton products sold contain particles that are simply to big for corals to capture. Many of them are snake oil IMO. Beware of what your getting.
Thanks for the responses! I figured that DTs would win out. I have used them but don't like the price, but I guess that goes with the hobby.
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