Pic of my barb/tetra/rasborra tank

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Feb 1, 2008

Now Animated!!!

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56 gallon tank lit up with a brand new SunDial 96 watt quad T5 HO fixture I picked up at the large petstore in PA.
It's hard to tell in the photo. I have some Tiger Barbs, Serpae Tetras, Golden Barbs, Black Skirt Tetras, Rosy Barbs, Brilliant Rasborras, Scissor Tail Rasborras, Diamond Tetras, and Zebra Danios. There are 4 snails and 3 algae eaters in the tank. The plants play a critical role in stabilizing the chemistry in the tank.

What is a DW?
Nice tank!

You can get that DW on the right at petsmart. They have 3 variations in all, I have all 3 in my tank. See my profile for pics.
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