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Dec 15, 2004
San Diego
See my profile and tell me what my next fish should be:

I need more color.
I needs to be a hardy fish
I want to add some more inverts later.

thanks guys :wink:
How about a pygmy angel, a nice school of chromis, or a type of wrasse? There's a lot of colorful, hardy fish out there available to you. BTW, I may be wrong, but doesn't a sailfin require more room than 80 gallons?
I'd want a flame angel or a coral beauty. But alas, I also want corals in the tank so I'll probably go with the gramma. For color and personality you can't beat a skunk cleaner shrimp.
For color and personality you can't beat a skunk cleaner shrimp.
No doubt about that-definitely a great addition. A pair will also provide live food for the tank(fish, and some corals), they reproduce quite easily and quite often. They are hermaphrodites, so any two will pair. Both of mine are usually carrying eggs. You could still add a fish also :wink:
Skunk cleaners are awesome
Until a LR hitchhiker ate mine :(

Flame angel. Hes doing fine in my reef tank. Picks at the LR, never seen him pick at a coral.

6-line wrasse. Eats bristle worms, but I don't think you have any ornamental bristle worms?
I have (what seems like) a very cool ornamental bristle worm. I'd hate to see him done in! I can't imagine what kind of LR hitch hiker ATE one of your skunk cleaners! Yikes! The worst of my hitch hikers was a pack of red crabs. I'm down to one of those left in the tank though (I've pulled out 4 of the 5 of them so far).
I believe its a VERY shy crab. I saw it dart out, snap at the cleaner and kill it, and dart back in. Its white, and definetley crab like (not mantis like). Hardly ever see it except at night, when parts of it hang out near its opening. I haven't purged it from the rock yet, but I'm planning on it! I got rid of the mantis already. The rest of the cleanup was done by my hermits.

And with the tsunamis, all the LFSs have only small microscopic skunk cleaners.
ROYAL GRAMMA! (HA, beat ya to it QuarryShark )
2 royal gramma's....top that....HA!!
Just kidding, 1 would make a great addition. :D
How about a small school (3-5) of Chromis? Or maybe...a small Anthia or 2?
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