Picked up a 125 gallon long...

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Aug 5, 2008
Tyler, Texas
Found a 125 for 300 bucks.. needs a little work.. but i think im making way lol...
It was a ugly natural oak color... now its... well better lol after 5 hours of staining 0_0







I just hope this apartment can handle the weight... its only around 1900lbs...

Just wonder being upstairs.. with a 55 29 and 2 10's.. if having a 125 in the livingroom also is a good idea.. if its on a main bearing wall :???:
Looks great. Very nice job on the staining.

I put a house jack in the basement under my tank. I didn't want to take any chances. Like you said...that is alot of weight.
Nice pickup!

One good idea to keep in mind when locating a tank of that size is to pick a spot where the tank will run perpendicular to the floor joists. That way the weight of the tank is spread out across multiple joists rather than just on one. Depending on the setup of the building you live it that may be difficult to determine, but it would be worth finding out. I would also try to site the tank near a load bearing wall.
Unfortunately it will be freshwater.. however... my 55 will be a salty =D... I said Unfortunately.. because the people i bought it from.. had it full of corals and lr... pitty.. everything died though... The lighting for it, filters, and skimmers... make it setup for a coral tank =/
**** oscar and balas.. needing bigger home lol

As far as my situation with placement goes.. its an apartment.. and no way to find out what way the joist go.. except to pull the floor up.. which may happen lol
im the 2nd of 2 floors lol and im not friends with the downstairs neighbors =P
I do feel like it would be ok though... i have a 55g sitting on a non-bearing wall though.. (basicly sitting 4 feet from main bearing wall).. and it has no problems =/
Ok update! I redid the math on the weight.. its no more than 3 guys on a 500lb sofa lol.. so it found a home.. im not 100% crazy about the ornaments... thinking of putting about 3 more bags of sand in and planting the mess out of it.
And if your wondering... the sand, filters, and 55gallons of water came from my 55g.. So im looking at this as a small....well it was a large waterchange LOL.. Im diggin it.. and my oscar is too.. he didnt even sulk for a week! xD
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