Pistol shrimp????

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Aug 19, 2011
So Cal
Hey everyone i have a question! Coralreefer1 has been nice enough to tell me some information about non agressive pistol shrimp, because i would really like one with other non agressive shrimp!!

He has told me that there are 3 non agressive types of pistol shrimp so i researched them!

Randalli pistol shrimp: non agressive and reaches 1/2"

Tiger pistol shrimp: non agressive and reaches 3"

Michaels pistol shrimp: also non agressive and reaches 3"

I have a 30 gallon tank so size isnt really a problem. Which one could i get, if i could get one at all? Thanks all!!
You could get any of them without a problem. I have a tiger pistol in one tank and a blue leg pistol in a 20 gallon. Both of which are doing fine. I would suggest paring it up with some type of watchman goby the easiest way to do that is to put the pistol in near where the goby hides if you already have one. If not buy both and release at the same time. I feed my shrimps frozen krill just thaw and use a skewer and place it in front of the cave and the pistol shrimp will come get it and share it with the goby. If you have any questions feel free to message me
K thanks alot!! I really want an orange striped goby or a yellow watchman! I think it would be super cool to het them to pair up. If they are 3" are they still not agressive?
Mine is about 3" and he doesn't mess with anyone they dig around alot. The pistol shrimp are pretty much blind as a bat. So they will actually grab the goby on the tailfin and move him if he is in the way of the shrimp excavating
Hahaha thats funny. Okay i really want one now. So do you think it would be ok in a 30 gallon???
My blue leg is in a 20 gallon he has no problem whatsoever a 30 gallon is more the sufficient.
I have a tiger pistol and wheeler pair, the pistol has tunneled all around the tank. He actually grabbed a hermit crab and tried to shore up the wall inside a tunnel now he has learned to just push them out of the way instead. If you like a nice white sand bed they are great if if you want a nice level sand bed without having to uncover corals and rocks they are bad. My tank was cloudy for a month before all the finer sand was gone. I still blow my rocks every other day to keep them cleaned.
Ohhh okay. Well i am not a perfectionist and as long as the little guy doesnt try to hurt/ kill any fish, shrimp, coral, or member of the cuc im ok!! Haha
Okay everyone i so far i would like to have an orange striped prawn goby and a tiger pistol shrimp pair! I have read that they are both compatible and my sand bed is probably going to be 3 - 4" deep.
I have an aurora goby, and a Randall's tiger pistol shrimp. They have paired quite nicely.
I have heard the popping occasionally, it he hasn't bothered any other inhabitants. My sand is forever moving however, he is QUITE busy.
Oh very cool! Does your shrimp make a big mess of your tank? Does he cover corals with sand! :/

Anyways thanks for your input! How big is your goby and pistol shrimp?
I have no sand bed corals, so no. I have an Afro colony, and that's about it for now. Adding things slowly to keep everything stable. But he moves a good amount sand regularly!
Haha okay thanks! I dont plan on having many sand bed corals either so thanks :) what do you feed him? Are there any other shrimp in your tank? Thanks alot!
I just spot feed a bit of algae, pellets, and whatever meaty food the fishes get every other day. (turkey banter works WONDERS)
Sounds nice :) I was going to get a tiger pistol and i forget what goby...but I just got myself a coral banded shrimp and a yellow watchman. That'll be good enough. The goby doesn't need a friend lol.
Ya i really like coral banded shrimp but i wanted to add other non agressive shrimp and didnt want them killed. So i guess non agressive pistol is the next best thing!
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