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Jun 9, 2004
Hi all,

I'm scoping a small project to add a sump to my tank. I'd like to use a plastic sump because glass cracks/fractures too easily.

Is there any particular plastic I should be choosing considering corrosion, toxin bleaching into the water from the plastic, strength, wear, etc?

If not, there shouldn't be a problem with me using just a suitable shaped plastic box from home depot or somewhere like that, hey?
Yeah............ I really don't think there should be any problem, as long as you clean the inside well...

If people can use dark colored rubbermaid containers as a pond filter,.. I am sure a clear one will do well for a tank,...., because Marineland sumps,.. I believe,... is made of plastic...

(sorry for the ...)
I know alot of people that use the rubbermaid containers. They work pretty good.

I use a Sterilite container for my wet/dry filter that I made:


This is wet/dry portion. Also Sterilite


Filtration portion-Top shelf- Open cell foam/sponge--Second and Third shelves-plastic pot scrubbies


All together:


The PVC pipe on the sides stop the tub from bowing outward. I also put PVC pipe in all four corners of wet/dry for height adjustment.
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