platy babies

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Jan 4, 2005
New Mexico
This morning I found one platy dead. It was one of those I bought two days ago. I decided to do 30 % water change, allthoug all the parameters were fine. While emptying the tank I found three babies there. Maybe it was their mama that had died.

Well, anyway, I have only an empty one and half gallon betta tank from earlier days. I put the babies there. Is there any change to keep them alive for a while there? There is no filter, no heating. Lamp can heat it, but then I need to have it on especially at night, when the house gets cool. There is an air pump and a few plastic plants. Or should I just put them back with the adults? There is a few hiding places, but not too many. The red adult platties seem to go in those roots in the evening to rest anyway. I have six adult platties in 30 gallon tank. Probably more babies coming soon again. Should I get a cage for the fry or something?
Well, I have yet to raise a batch of livebearer fry. I may set up a breeding tank in the future, but for now I have added plastic floating plants in the community tank to provide cover for the next fry release. I am hoping that a few of the platy fry will get big enough to evade my juvenile angels, the danios and the other platies by hiding in the floating cover. My LFS has a platy tank with four fry hiding in these plants, so it might work.
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