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Aug 30, 2011
feeding my saltwater fish and i noticed my mandarin goby looking awful! he is all torn up and hardly breathing. i don't know if i can save him but i REALLY want to!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!
do u have pods, what size tank do u have what are paramenters, what are tank mates
mostly are there enough pods in the tank, thats the biggest thing. if there isn't and its starving to dealth the other fish will pick on it because it is so much weaker and can't defend itself.

mandarins are a hard level fish for a reason and unless yo have a large system with tons of pods or a stock up fuge with loads of pods, it would be hard to keep them alive. they can eat thousands of pods a day

training them to eat prepared food is also a very tough thing to do and may not work
Yep, what other fish do you have in there? I agree with the above posters, if it isn't getting enough food it can fall victim to other fish beating it up.

I have my mandarin in a cube with very very mellow fish and she eats prepared foods now so I haven't had any problems with mine. But they are very sensitive and delicate fish....
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