Please help!!!!! Blueberry gorgonian!!!!!

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I have never personally had one, however I am friends with someone who has tried these and also similar sponges with the same end result. Basically, you watch helplessly as the coral starts to deteriorate slowly and there is nothing you can do.

He gave up, and I personally wouldn't even want the stress.

Good Luck to you if you decide to try.
If your asking. I don't think you should be buying. It's expert only. If you were expert u wouldn't be asking. I have kept filter feeding gorgonian before. Takes extreme dedication. And it melts if even the smallest amount of algea covers them.
Not worth the trouble and if your asking if it looks healthy thats already a sign that they are not for you atm
Just read the description of the thing:
"Indonesian blueberry sea fan. Gorgonia and Sea Fans are challenging animals to maintain in good health and should only be purchased by the expert marine aquarist. For optimum health they must be fed phytoplankton several times per day along with other foods designed for filter feeding invertebrates. They require a nutrient rich aquarium with low lighting, perfect water chemistry, and medium to strong water flow. These animals are very sensitive to even small traces of Nitrate and Phosphate in the water, and are sensitive to rapid fluctuations in Alkalinity. "

I dont think there's really much question that you're talking about an extremely challenging creature here. I tend to agree with the other folks: if you're asking these questions, it should not be attempted.
I don't see how keeping one would even be worth the trouble I mean I spend a lot of time with my tanks for the most part and I would not want to hassle with all that
If you want a sea fan, get one that's photosynthetic. It will be somewhat easier to maintain, but still requires optimal water conditions.
I already have a gorgonian. It is photosynthetic, and I think its the second easiest coral I have. I was just trying to get opinions if it looks healthy, not whether I should get it or not. Im just looking for extra help. I know they require several feedings and that oyster eggs, lobster eggs, rotifers, and different phyto are the best foods for it. Also, baby brine shrimp. It whould have high water flow so algae does not build up, and I have read the posts of someone who has kept one for 2.5+ years and has 100gph flow in the tank. They need very high currents, preferably in a shady area of the tank. I know. Just looking for advice, no need to flame me. I was wondering if anyone has kept them?
all i can say is to be very careful. attempt it if you feel you can handle it, but be ready to accept the consequences of killing a really pretty coral if you aren't. :) not trying to flame or be mean, just making a statement.
No one is flaming anyone. They are just giving their opinion. Just so we know flaming is not someone telling me what I dont want to hear. I personally would have told you the same thing. That`s my opinion.
@ Black molly.
THATS perfectly fine lol. Im definitely willing to try my hardest. Will be feeding twice a day with oyster eggs/phyto. Maybe some lobster eggs. Hopefully Ill be able to keep it. THX
Not trying to flame crister - but I'd say concern is appropriate when someone sees something labeled "expert only" and their question is "but is it REALLY expert only?" :)
Make the current go right over him. The algae builds up easy in my opinion. They do alright with laminar flow.
I REALLY want this gorgonian, and was wondering if they really are as impossible as people say they are. They currently have a divers den one for sale. Heres a link. Does it look healthy????? I think it looks kinda thin................
Drs. Foster and Smith Diver's Den® - Acalycigorgia sp.

Just looking for advice, no need to flame me. I was wondering if anyone has kept them?

No one's flaming you, but you actually did ask if they were that hard to keep......

Stopped by the lfs today, and happened to remember your post as I was looking at their coral tanks and asked the owner about them, and he said he wouldn't go anywhere near it. He said they had one in about a year ago, and all the tending they could give it still couldn't keep it alive....
If I was going to have a tank with a gorgonian like that, that's the only type of coral I would put in there, that way you could run minimal lighting to keep the algea off of it. Like I said I have had an orange gorgonian and there very smallest amount of algea would make the tissue melt right before your eyes. But it was very beautiful, I managed to keep it alive for about 7 months, it was a good eater too.
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