please identify this anemone ok

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Oct 18, 2004
Rolling meadows IL
please ID this


I think I might have one of these and/or a variation of this one... It's hard to distinquish between them though. Do condy's have a tubular base and really shrivel up at night??? I bought another "green" anemone which is starting to show longer tenticles, the longer it stays in the tank. Never thought I would become so interested in a reef tank, let alone with taking at least 20 portraits of them whenever they do something 'cute and different'. :lol:
ya clowns wont host in these, or at least not the ones that we have at the lfs that i work at. we have had our anemone and our clown for about 2 weeks and the clown doesnt go near the thing.
Mine do!! I have had a Domino Damsel, Percula Clown, and a Tomato Clown host it.

The Tomato clown will not let anything get close to it now. :wink:

I have better pics, and closeups at work. I'll post tomorrow. For now look at the lower left of this pic.
Each clown is different. Some will pass up a perfectly good anemone for the chance to host a powerhead.

I've also heard of clowns ignoring an anemone and then suddenly hosting it.
I have 2 of these. It's pretty cool watching them eat shrimp. A few nights ago, however, one of them lost all but 3 of it's tentacles. Anyone ever have that happen? I suspect a hermit crab and have since isolated him. They've been living together happily (I thought) for a a couple of months now.
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