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Jan 2, 2008
Naperville Il
I have a question. In my post from 7/19/2008 i show you guys pictures and explained my problem. I got couple sugesstions... It was about a loud gurgling sound from two bulkheads /<predrilled tank/which water goes to sump. Anyway i made decision i will take those bulkheads out and replace them with overflow box witch i ordered already. It is not gonna be as neat as right now but i do not care i hate that gurgling soud when i watch my tv!!!!!!!!!! Specially Bears!!!!!! My question----After i take two bulkheads out there will be two 1" holes in back wall of my tank where overflow box will be. Where i can buy some covers,end caps to cover thouse holes<probably need to be some kind of cover with nut on outside to tight it. Thank You!!!!
Leave the bulk head in, go to a plumbing supply store (maybe even HD or L) and get a bulkhead cap ( I think it's called)
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