plumbing sump question

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Dec 18, 2006
Ok, so I have a bunch of new stuff and I am not 100% sure how to get it hooked up. I really appreciate the help I've gotten so far and so do my fish! :)

1st question is how it should be hooked up, I think that is should look like this. What kind of connections should I use to connect the overflow to the inlet pipe and where should i use to "return" the water?


2nd question is how in the world does this overflow go on here and will it even fit on this tank or should I use it on the 90 gallon.


3rd question is what should I put in A B and C? I assume a will be the skimmer and c will be the return pump, can I put live rock rubble and that green algae stuff in B?


I am sure I will have more questions but for now thats all I can think for the pics of all the equip.
Puppy is as confused about it as I am!
Pump that came with it, I have a 3100 also
I just realized I forgot to get the instructions on how to operate this skimmer!
Your first pic looks a little backwards to me....I think where you have in indicated is actually the return and the other end is the "in" side. 1st section I would have the skimmer 2nd section would be the fuge (LR, LS and Macro) last section shoudl be the return. You want to skim water coming right out of the tank and then let it pass through your fuge for nutirent export and pick up pods and things and then put it back into the tank. HTH

Here are pics of my "under cabinets" Well actually only one pic.
Go to this thread and you can see my sumps labled:


HTH. I may have shared this with you already I can't remember.
that helps alot! thank you so much, I figured that I would have them backwards or something! What about the overflow? I have no idea how that is supposed to work?
The dark piece goes inside the tank and the other part goes directly behind it. There should be a nylon screw and nut to connect the 2 parts over the lip of the tank. I didn't see a U-Tube in the pics so if you don't have one you are going to need to get one. They are pretty cheap on Ebay. Id take some pics of mine but my canopy covers it and I have no need to take it off at the moment. When I do I will be sure to take some pics of it though...

***If you look at the pic I posted in the above response you will see the "dark" box of the over flow on the left hand side of the tank. The U-tube goes into this side and over the lip of the tank and into the other box as shown in the picture below.


that is great! thanks! Looks like its time for a trip to home depot! I will let you know when its done or I get confused again! :)
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Speaking of help...I need more :) do I even need that dark plastic piece? Could I just hang the back part on like this and everything work correctly?


I was afraid of something like this! how can I stop the internal overflow? What else do I need to get to have this tank with a sump?
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