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Sep 27, 2011
My tank is about a month old and the animals are too small to picture. I didn't notice them before....but I had a old packet of unhatched brine shrimp lying around and dumped it into my SW tank and about 2 hours later I noticed tiny white worms with black lines and little bug like things on the glass. I highly doubt its the brine shrimp...... I also had algae on the glass and bought a magnet cleaner today......I love it. Are these pods? what are the worms?
Dude thanks for the reply. Suk they will be gone. The worms....snail babies? Tape worm? The link you gave is down on my end but thanks :)
yeah..mine to..save it to favorites though..it's a good reference point. don't worry, there will be all sorts of crazy stuff popping up here and there for the life of your tank!
Yea? My live rock didn't seem to give off anything living. Thinking about getting some uncured o.o
but then you risk an ammonia spike. how do you know there's nothing in it? how long have you had it in the tank?
Ibrather have thevapike sooner than later. Live rock for 1month+ I always look and don't see anything. the one at PETCO...haha...I can visually see life and movement.
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