Polyfilter and marine pure

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Aug 18, 2011
I run a canister filter in my 75g tank and have been recommended to use polyfilter and marine pure in my tank.I don't know if the owner is just tryna make a buck or if this stuff is as good as he says.
Does anyone have any experiences with these two products?
In terms of the ceramic media ... there's a bunch you can use. What model canister are your running? I run Fluval Biomax on mine with no issues ... I personally don't get too caught up in the ceramic media. What I have I feel is fine and I don't see a need to switch. However I will say that few members have highly regarded seachem matrix as great ceramic media ... worth a look.

In terms of Polyfill ... I definitely recommend it! I just did a filter maintenance last night and am still surprised at all the fine particles/detritus it captures. It really gives the water that extra polish ... IMO.

However skip buying any from LFS as I feel they're overpriced. I got a 20oz bag of fairfield brand 100% poly-fill at Michaels Arts/Craft for like $6 and it will last me months! Just make sure it doesn't have any fire retardants.
I run a orca.can't remember the exact model though.

So it's called pollfiler not pollyfilter???
Polyfilter is a specific product that some people like. It changes colors as it absorbs things. People feel this shows it is actually doing something. The description from Google shopping:
"Removes harmful organics, toxic ammonia, heavy metals, all forms of phosphates, and medications after treatment from aquariums. Poly Filter needs no other chemicals, resins, carbon or other additives in freshwater and marine aquarium systems to aid in aquarium filtration. Poly Filter turns color as it absorbs harmful organics, progressing from white to green to brown and then to black, letting you know when it's time to replace. May be cut to any size or shape and also can be rolled into a circular configuration. Poly Filter turns color when removing medications (blue with copper, red with iron, green with ammonia). Will not soften aquarium water or remove trace minerals. SpecificationsPackage Size ONE PACK Form FILTER PAD Material Size 4 IN."

I personally don't use or recommend it. I don't think it will hurt anything, I just don't think it is worth the money. I now the service place I used to work for used it a lot. Clients like how it changes color, they think they are getting their money's worth.

Any marine tank should have more than enough live rock to handle all biological filtration, making any biomedia in filters a moot point.
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