Pothos? Completely under water?

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May 16, 2004
Say I tool a trimming of pothos and planted it in my tank so that all the leaves were underwater...would this work? Ive heard that it can go into tanks but Ive also heard that it just grows on top. Id really like to put some in my 10 gal but since I have a lid on top I wouldnt be able to have the leaves poking out. Will it survive completely under water?
Pothos is a type of ivy. It won't work if totally submerged. The leaves can't take nutrient from the water like true aquatic plants.
Mine do. I've got pothos in every discus tank. :D
BrianNY said:
Mine do. I've got pothos in every discus tank. :D

Very nice BrianNY. Are they spreading? I might give it another shot. Pothos is a nice ivy and I bet it would look very nice in a planted aquarium.
Yep. They grow like weeds. :lol: . I use them because my tanks are bare bottom. So I can float these large plants while still being able to clean all of the glass.
Here's a pic of pothos in one of my tanks. :D


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Philodendron is a completely different species of houseplant, but is also very hardy. Pothos is of the species Scindapsus aureus.
I've never tried Potho's in an aquarium. I did do some research on it. From what I seen it is a hardy plant even fully submersed. They also make a great plant for paladriums.

Do a google search and see what you find. It's been a while since I've researched this topic, but I recall finding several topics and pics of Pothos submersed online.

I've also seen where people put only the roots in the water and let the plant grow down the back of the aquarium. This is good when to many ferts are in the water. Helps suck up some of the excess nutrients. HTH
I've never done Pothos in the aquarium either, but I have done cuttings in a jar of water. As the plants grew, I noticed that they did equally well when some of them were completely submerged in the water.
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