Power Compact, Compact Flourescent...are they the same?

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Jul 3, 2003
Could anyone explian the difference between Power Compact, and Compact Flourescent.

Im looking at buying a lighting system that is 48" two 400w MH and two 96w compact flourescent for a fair price. Could I use Power compacts instead of CF for the bulbs? As the system does not come with any bulbs, any suggestions on on the best brand of MH bulbs, I see Ushio, XM, Radium, German? others?

I would like to keep anemones and sps corals eventually. Would this setup be too much light for my 55gal with 20gal sump. It would hang above the tank and be adjustabe for height of course.

My lfs said to just go with the 400w so I dont have to buy a whole new light system when I upgrade to a bigger tank.

I appreciate any suggestions
Same thing different words.

When looking for PC aka CF bulbs make sure the pin out is correct on your bulb for your endcaps. Some are :: shaped and others are .... shaped.
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