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Jun 27, 2006
Mesa Arizona
Ok iv had my tank up for some time now and have noticed allot of stuff collecting in the back middle i have 2 HOB filters one on each side of the tank
hanging on the back one is an aqua clear 110 and the other is a penguin biowheel 350.
my question is can i stick a power head in at the bottom left of the tank blowing to the right to kinda keep the top of the sand clear i also might use this power head with Co2.

if i can what do i stick on it so it dosent suck up my shrimp

Yeah man, by all means. Power heads are awesome. The circulate the water a lot better and will help keep debis from settling on the ground.

You can get what they call a "quick filter" for the aquaclear series power heads... that would keep it from sucking up the shrimp.
Most PH have a pre-filter to prevent this and if not, you will have to DIY. Look at the descriptions for one you want to purchase. A lot of people on the saltwater forums like the Acua Clear PH.
You can use a power head but if you have a sand substruture. It's going to move the sand around more then keep it clean. I have sand in a few of my tanks and I have tryed the power head and found it to move the sand from one side of the tank to the other more then keep it clean. I'd find one that has ajustable power flow.
The AquaClear 70 or (old school 802 model) is adjustable, and reversable. It runs about 60 bucks at petsmart, but you can get it price matched for 27 if you print if off the petsmart website and bring it to the store.
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