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Jan 5, 2012
Joshua, Tx
What power heads would you recommend to use on a 48 gallon bow front tank? And how many? This tank I plan to have corals in.
Hydor Koralia nano pumps are cheap and effective. For FOWLR, you nead at least 20 times your volume in GPH, and reef, at least 50 times your volume. It's better to have many pumps because rocks stop circulation if you use say only two. I'd use 4 pumps for FOWLR, 425 gph each, 6 for reef : 2x550 GPH, 2x425 gph and 2x240 gph. Like I said, if your rock works doesn't block flow, you could use less pumps, and use more powerful ones.
Oh goodness... I didnt realize you needed that many for a reef tank... I had an extra 900 aqueon one I put in my 48 and it blew the sand CRAZY! So I'm looking to buy some for my 48 gallon. I want it to have corals in it so I'm trying to do it right. Thanks for the information.
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