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Sep 4, 2011
Well I recently picked up a pair of guppies from my LPS and their doing fine but the clerk at the store said one was pregnant after reading a few forums I can confirm that she is but I have never bred fish before so I need to know really every thing there is to know like what equipment I Will need and stuff like that here is a pic of her


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She will have live babies so some plants for them to hide in will be good. Depending on what else is in the tank they may get eaten, as far as feeding I'm sure others here will be able to assist. Good luck ;)
Yeah I'm possitive those are platy. Good luck! :) and when my platy had babies i got a tank devider. It helped, because thenadult platy will eat the babies, but a few of the adult platy tried to jump over. Plants and decorations where they can get inside, but adult platy can't are good hiding places for them.
Also there are four gouramis


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Ok I just checked they r platties ok they are in a 55 gallon and how many babies do platties usually have
I know this is off topic but make sure you keep a very close eye on those dwarf gouramis. IMO/E they don't belong in the same tank as each other. The males can get quite territorial and bully the less dominant one/s sometimes to death.
I don't believe you need equipment maybe a breeder tank for when she's right about to birth, lots of plants for them to hide in and some food for babies. Good luck!
Fish-e lover said:
Ok I'll take that seriously but nobody answered what kind or equipment I will need

A breeder net in the main tank or a separate cycled tank with a filter the fry can't get sucked into (like a sponge filter) and a heater. Feed them crushed flakes and baby brine shrimp. You can move them back to the main tank when they are big enough not to be eaten by the largest fish in the tank. You can leave them in the main tank to take their chances or scoop them out. You can move the female before she gives birth or let her drop in the tank. After the first batch you can expect a second about a month later. Livebearers are the easiest fish to breed. There's not much to it. :)
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