Pregnant Platies?

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Dec 1, 2018
Muncie, IN
Hello all,

So I just recently got 2 additional platies and have noticed that all 3 of my platies seem ... fatter. Are they dropsy? Or pregnant?

I only have 3 females, no males. 1 (the orange sunset one) is a rescue whose old owner had her for about 6 months and who came with a larger tummy - I haven't noticed any growth. Then the other two I just purchased from the store a few weeks ago and since I've gotten them... their tummies have majorly expanded. Are they pregnant or am I feeding them too much? Pictures included.


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I was afraid of that... how can I tell when they're about ready to give birth? I've read about the gravid spot but when I look at these girls I'm not seeing any darker spot...
If they have dropsy the scales will probably stick out....they would look 'unnaturally' fat!
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