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Jun 8, 2011
Welcome to Preuss Pets! | Preuss Pets - Lansing, MI

Anyone heard of this place/been there? I purchased my betta there a few months ago, and he's doing wonderfully - the quality of their fish is amazing. Best LFS I've ever been to; the staff really knows what they're doing. I was so happy when I first got there to see they quarantine their new fish for 2 weeks before having them available for sale. They're a bit pricey but I would HIGHLY recommend you take the trip out there if you have time!
Was just there yesterday and got my pearl gourami! How knowledgable and helpful they are depends on who you talk to. I have had some less than helpful conversations and intereactions with them, but generally am pretty happy. Like all LFS you have to do your own research and use them as a tool in your decisions since many things in this hobby are based on opinions. Yesterday was great! Both staffers I talked to were helpful. One did recommend against getting a certain fish that I came home to research again and have decided to get anyway when I have room for it.
...but I have to say when I started off a year ago I was calling them every other day with questions and they were great. Also, when I take the kids it is like going to the zoo for them.
WOW this place looks amazing! I know someone who works there on another forum and they are raving about the place. I can see why, I checked out the website! :)
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