Problem with my PC lighting, help!

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May 29, 2003
I have a CSL 65W PC fixture on my tank, I bought it about a year ago.

The problem is that the light now goes off intermittently. It goes off for a minute or two, and then it comes back on again. I just put a new bulb in last week, so I am pretty sure it's not the bulb. This behavior just started happening recently.

Anyone have any idea what's going on here? Is my ballast giving out and I need to get a new one? Or do I need a new fixture altogether?
sometimes if the bulbs are cold they do that. Does the bulb do this all the time or just when they are first turned on.
sounds more like its overheating and tripping a switch that turns it off. my 5gallon FW tank has a screw in PC, and it does the same thing, since it gets hotter than a 15watt incandescent which is what the hood was meant to run.
I hope it's not an overheating problem. I've had this fixture for more than a year, using the recommended bulb wattage, but this never happened until this past month. I have the light on a timer, and normally I don't see it until a couple of hours before it turns on. I assume it's not cold then.
I would check the electrical connections. Sometimes the salt will corrode the lamp or fixture contacts enough to be intermittent. Clean them up with some fine sandpaper.
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