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Aug 19, 2004
Mays Landing, NJ
I got a few things today... 2 false percs... a lawnmower blenney.... to turbo snails... and a coral banded shrimp... I couldn't figure out what didn't look right about the coral banded... he was the only one there so I had nothing to compare him to but I figured it was just my eyes tricking me so I bought him. I get him home and realize (after looking online) that he is missing his main claws. The fish store is about 45min-1hr away so it really isn't practical to bring him back... the gas alone will cost more than the shrimp. I was just wondering if people had experience with this... can he defend himself? Can he even eat? Should I keep him in a floating tank (like a beta tank and just leave it in my tank so he gets the fresh water and heat as well) until he regens? Will he even regen? He is pretty big so I don't know how many times he will molt if at all. Any advice?
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