Procambus Alleni(Florida Crayfish) Temperature and Affects On Eggs

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Sep 7, 2023
So, I have been trying to research this topic to find an answer to this question, "What would be the optimum temperature in a 65 gallon freshwater aquarium that will cause my female Florida crayfish to lay eggs with more females in them than makes?" Does anyone know the answer to this?? I have been trying my best to "manipulate" my tank's water temp to encourage my female to produce more females than males, but it doesn't seem to work!
Hi and welcome to the forum :)

I don't think crustacean eggs/ embryos are affected by temperature. Reptile eggs are but that's about it as far as I know.

Fish eggs can be affected by pH and I used to breed a lot of killifish, South American dwarf cichlids and rainbowfish in water with a pH around 7.6-8.5 and got mostly male offspring. At a pH below 7.0 I got a lot more female offspring.
Temperature does can play a role with some Guppies and other fish which slip my mind right now, maybe Clownfish. Not sure about Crayfish either right now. Long back I did read something regarding temperature being colder less males and warmer for females. It was something regarding seasons and environment like warm season more females would have success with offspring because more food would be available. Again I just can't recall even if I got that right, lol.

I will be seeing a bunch of people who breed and keep fish this weekend. Not sure if anyone there might know, but I will ask a few of the seasoned members and see if there is any insight.
Making a new foray into shrimp, i did read that higher water temperature for red cherry shrimp produces more males. Above 28c nearly all are born males.
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