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He replied to me a few hours ago, they will have shipment like in a month.

omg i gotta wait till july 12 is when his shipment comes in...

lol cant wait to get my skimmer
OMG they finally got a shipment of these skimmers...

I should be getting it by end of this week.
Ok I finally got the skimmer today.

Opened the box and the only instructions was a paper with a picture on it...

Go the MSX NW-160 skimmer from marine solutions.

Can anyone help me?
Im testing my skimmer and its making garggling sounds and not bubbles. I have to actually reach my hand in the bottom where the pump is and stick my finger to block some of the air to jump start the pump. After that it works. Its having issues starting properly because of the air.

I'm just worried that in case there is a power failure my skimmer will temp stop and when it restarts agian it will garggle and perhaps burn the pump?

Does anyone else have this issue? Or does anyone know how to resolve this?
Pull the volute cover off the pump and check the mesh on the impeller. There may be some loose mesh that's slowing down the impeller. If you see any strands, just cut them off.
Even with the start up problem, the pump should start on it's own after about 10 secs or so. The pump won't (or at least shouldn't) burn up because the impeller is spinning, but it's hoping up and down. You can get it to start by blowing into the airline.
If you still have problems, contact Rob at MarineSolutions. He may even send you a new impeller.
ok so i blew into that silencer part at the top of the return on the skimmer and that made it work without having to stick my finger infront of the pump.

Is that what that thing is for? I never actually knew why that thing is there.
The silencer is an air silencer. If you take it off, you will really hear the air being pulled into the skimmer.
The reason the pump starts when you blow into the airline is water is heavier than air. The pump, with the mesh, has a hard time turning against the water. When you blow air into it, there is less resistance from the water and the pump starts spinning like it should.
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