Psyching up for a reef

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Jun 26, 2009
Ventura California
Name is Mark- spend lots of time planning out how I want to have the tank functioning. Have an awesome planted 72 bowfront with creative filtration left over from years of turtles- this is my Guppy and Amazonian Lungfish home- also have my Corys breeding in there as well. My friend Nixon (a survivor from the turtle years) sleeps next to my pillow in his cube, A wavefront 95 has our Koi testing our filtration to the max, and then there is the 40 tall that is our test tank/plant/in-between tank. I am thinking of having it go reef- like the idea- but the principals to getting it started seem alright- just patience- but can't seem to make the first steps yet. Joined to see others experiences and learn- also looking for feedback on others opinions/experiences dealing with equipment- resources etc. Look forward to watching and listening- answering if I can- Have a good one!
Welcome to the site! :)

Research, research, research...

There are quite a few good articles and stickies on here that are a great place to start.
Welcome to the site! I'm a freshie so I won't be much help for your transition to saltwater. There are tons of diehard salties on this site with tons of great information.

Also, we love pictures! I'd love to see some pictures of your current setups, and your 'creative filtration'... LOL. :)

Again, welcome to the site!
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