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ok, that is enough! If you cannot keep it civil, than quit posting. I feel like I am hall monitor at a grammar school for crying out loud.
OK, let's get back to the topic. I really feel that it's rediculous to hijack a thread like Kim over an activist idea.

With that said, Kim I have been in the hobby for more than two years humbly. I have a lot to learn. But I have successfully propagated various types of fresh and salt water fish. So thank you for judging me although you don't know who and what you are talking about. Secondly, no one said I will stay in this small tank forever. So you may keep your free willy activist idea to yourself.

Sorry admin that it had to go this way. I was having a good conversation with everyone until this Kim started throwing low balls out of nowhere.
and because you cannot understand the simplest of requests, there is now no more conversation...you just had to get the last word in and ruin it for the original poster.

This topic is locked with apologies to noodus.
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