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Sep 26, 2008
Hello All---hoping I can get a good recommendation. I recently moved from a situation where my water was being topped-off from the basement below up about 5' into the tank. AT my new place, there is no basement, and the RODI unit is T'd off of my washing machine, which is about 15 feet away from the aquarium. This water line from the laundry room goes through the wall behind the washer, up almost 10" to the ceiling, then across the ceiling (held onto the ceiling with clips) and down the wall into the sump. My prior pump was a SpectraPure LitreMeter and it did what I wanted. Because of my new set-up, this pump is nowhere near as powerful, so I need one that can do what I what which is to draw water up 10' to the ceiling and back down. I tried one from Aquatec but it was so loud that I had to return it. Any recommendations for a quiet pump that will do what I need would be awesome. Thanks!
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