Python/faucet attachment?

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Jun 7, 2006
I recently picked up a python and behold the sink faucet does not have threads on it. I was looking around at a hardware store today and couldnt really find anything to suffice. Is there some sort of adapter that would clamp to a faucet and have threads on the other end?

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So there is no round part at the end of your faucet? If there is, unscrew that. I had a size issue but just took the faucet cap & python to the hardware store and was able to find an adapter.
Thanks...its my parents house so i wasnt sure but sure enough it screwed out.
The aerator as its called, usually is a female connection that unscrews from the faucet to allow the python pump to be attached. Sometimes the aerator is a male connection in which case you would need a nipple( a tube with male threads on each side. One side screws into the faucet, the other side into the python pump.
They sell the adapters at home depot. it is for a water bed filler but fits the python like a champ.
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