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Jan 30, 2008
Atlanta, GA

This is my first post here. I have read numerous posts here and appreciate the widespread knowledge throughout. However, I don't see much about actual quality of products or lack thereof. For instance, I have been told that "Eheim" is like the Mercedez Benz of the aquarium hobby. Is that true? So then which is the Ford Pinto' or other such less than desireable design/model in the hobby. I do realize some companies make exceptional products and the same company may make horrible ones too... Either way, I have TONS of questions to ask of you all. I hope you can assist me further in my efforts to create a efficient, beautiful, and enjoyable marine/reef aquarium in the years to come.

How many Hydor Koralia "4" powerheads ($39.99 at www.marinedepot.com) will I need for my 125g tank?

What pump should I use having a 6' HH?

Which wet/dry system is a good one? Megaflow 4?

Most of all, I have done a tremendous amount of thinking about the Solaris LED "light bar" for my 125g tank. I do realize the incredible cost associated with this investment. But there are some considerable benefits which go along with it. Does anybody even have one? Thanks again for entertaining my rambling.

Jimmy T.
A lot of what gets recommended will depend on what (exactly) you want to do w/ your tank... Please elaborate on your plans, you'll get much better feedback that way.
I want polyps, anemonies, maybe a shirmp or two, a few clowns, tangs, 1-3 anemonies among other fish which are compatable with the clowns, they are my main desire...

Are Mags' as good as or better than the Eheim 1262?

Additonally, I am not overly concerned with alot of the costs of these items, I plan to take my time. Therefore I can spend bigger bucks on items because I am in no real rush. I know that will change but for now I can really get some good gear.

Also, I would like to make this tank as user friendly and as hassle free as possible i.e timers, automatic top-offs, etc...

I hope that helps...

Jimmy T.
I would go with 3 K-4's in a 125.

Pump size will depend on your overflow. Is the tank pre-drilled with overflows or are you going to get a HOB overflow? Also, will this be a submerged pump or external?

Not sure what that wet/dry is like. I like to custom build my sumps.

See my reply on your other thread about Solaris.
GREAT! I just bought 3 of the K-4's! Where should I put them in the tank? I will have the tank drilled for overflows, likely not in the back corners but rather 1 foot from the corner on the back? I plan to get an Eheim 1262 pump to run internal in a sump. Good idea?

I have read many of your posts and they seem very helpful.

I am VERY handy with wood, put I have no experience with acrylic i.e. I would hate to make a sump that simply doesn't work, I don't know the needs.

Can you recommend a good Skimmer?
Assuming your return line will come up from the sump and over the back of the tank, this is how I would do it. The return over the top at the middle, put in a T at the top and have one aiming right and one left.
I would then put 1 K-4 in each corner pointing towards the front center and 1 in the back center pointing straight at the front glass. Depending on how deep your sand bed will be and how fine it is, the center 1 may take some adjusting so it doesn't blow all the sand off the bottom.

I think that pump is about 900 gph and you get about 600 gph with a 1" overflow.

You will get all kinds of opinions on skimmers. There are alot of good ones out there. ASM, AquaC, ETSS, DAS to name a few. The new Octopus MSX is getting great reviews too.
I'll get two overflows on the back wall about 1 foot from the back corner. I plan to have a return pipe through each of the overflows. I lose sleep at night thinking what to do to this tank! I just want to do it correctly.

Also, you suggested 3 k-4's. Luckily I did buy 3. However you suggested I put one in each corner... doesn't that make me 1 powerhead short since I have 4 corners?

Lemme know'

oh yeah' I got this tank from petsmart and I noticed the side panel of glass slightly protrudes from the joint in the "back" about 1/16th of an inch. Problem?
Just put them in the back corners. The tank is only 18" from front to back so you really don't need any in front.
I noticed the side panel of glass slightly protrudes from the joint in the "back" about 1/16th of an inch. Problem?

That does sound like a problem. Is this glass protrusion inside the tank so that it is not sealed with silicone?
I just noticed it on the exterior side. The tank is completely beaded with silicone. I was just concerned about the surface area of the joint being reduced since 1/16" was offset.

cmor1701d, you stated in another thread about not having a wet/dry and just to go with live rock, skimmer, and a pump for filtration. Is that literally just a 20g tank underneath my 125g tank which gathers the water from the overflow that contains a skimmer and a pump? How would the gravity fed water stop flowing out of my 125g if the pump crapped out?

Thanks again for all the help.
Check out Melev's Reef - Sumps & Fuge's

The sump has 2 or more compartments separated by baffles. If your tank is not pre-drilled you will need a HOB overflow. Water from the tank flows into the overflow and down to the sump. The overflows are designed to break siphon when the tank water goes below a certain level. The returns also need to be situated so that the back siphon is broken before the sump overflows. My sump can hold about 30 - 35 gallons. It normally has about 8-12 gallons in it.
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