Question about coral beauty or other dwarf angels

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Nov 20, 2003
We have a fish only 55 gallon tank with dead coral only - no live rock.
Currently we have a clown fish, blue tang, scarlet hawk, and 1 green chromi. In the past we have had a coral beauty and lemon peel however they died. One of the fish books said that the dwarf angels like to graze therefore needing live rock. Since we don't have live rock, is it possible to use a seaweed clip and feed them seaweed to graze on? If we do that, how will it effect the eating habits of our other fish? We alternate between veggie flakes and shrimp flakes every other day (we feed them 5 out of 7 days a week). Once a week we give them frozen shrimp.
Please advise.
you could hope that the coral beauty would eat from the clip, not all of them will. I will point out that you should be supplementing the tangs diet with grazing algae already. My coral beauty will eat frozen mysis whenever offered. It will not eat flake food,
My coral beauty isn't picky. It eats everything I put in, including flake, pellets, frozen and it goes crazy over nori on a clip.
My flame angel avoids nori on a clip like it was the plague. I bought the feeding clip specifically for him so he had more to graze on too. He's not afraid of the clip though. If I stick a salad shrimp on it then he's all over it. Just doesn't care for nori I guess. He does spend a good deal of time eating off my liverock though. He's housed with clowns, some chromis, a royal gramma, and a watchman goby so I don't bother with the nori much now. Just ocassionally if I'm wondering whether my emerald crabs are getting enough to eat. He will eat a little formula-2 now and then, but he's not crazy about that either.
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