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Jan 24, 2004
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Can all fish handle hyposalinity treatments? I've had two bad experiences with hyposalinity treatments and Royal Grammas. The first time was in my main, when I noticed that two of my tangs and an angel had ich. I started the hypo treatment and about one week into it my Royal Gramma died for no apparent reason. It didn't have any signs of ich. All of the other fish did fine and the hypo treatment did its job. I performed the treatment by lowering the salinity from 32ppt to 14ppt over a week. The second experience just happened last week. I had bought a new gramma and had it in quarantine for about four days when I noticed the first signs of ich appearing. I started hypo treatment and the next day it was dead. :cry: Do basslets or just Grammas have any special sensitivity to low salinities?
A hyposalinity treatment should be done outside the tank and not to the tank in my opinion. Plus there are better ways to treat ich in a quarantine tank than hyposalinity treatments. Try adding vitamin C and taking the QT tank up to 80-81 degrees. This will both boost and speed up the fish' immune system. I have never used either a hypo or hyper salinity dip or treatment on fish, just strictly corals. My two cents.
I`m a big fan of hypo and I believe it will work if done right. I do believe that IMO you dropped your salinity too fast and that was the cause of the fatality. The water needs to go to 1.009 and pretty slow. Too fast of a fall or a rise will cause stress and death.
I'm a big fan of hypo as well. Like I said, it did a great job two years ago in my tank when two of my tangs and an angel got ich. The only fish I lost was the gramma and I don't think that was due to the ich. I'm pretty sure I didn't lower the SG too fast. Almost every article I've read about hypo treatment, including the one on this site, says to lower the SG to 1.009 over the course of a few days. I took about 9 days to lower mine down to 1.009 and about four to five days into the treatment (not even down to the lowest SG yet), the gramma was eating fine one day and dead the next. All other fish survived and haven't had a ich problem since. In the most recent case last week I just lost another gramma in my quarantine tank. I had just performed the first hypo salinity water change bringing the SG from 1.024 down to 1.021. Within hours he was dead. That is why I am wondering if Basslets or the Gramma loreto specifically are more sensitive to this treatment.
It depends on a lot of things. There are some fish that can't handle it (mainly fish in the reefs), while others like seahorses and the like can handle it well. They live in conditions where salinity change rapidly, while reef fish are in an almost constant setting.

You can't really say -for sure- that it was the susceptibility, etc. of the species.

I'd type more...but I cut my hand on a darn spaghetti can today :( LMAO.
id look at getting your fish somewhere else or acclimate your fish better.
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