question abt starting a tank

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Aug 29, 2021

i know this might be the wrong place to post this question, but i was interested in setting up a new tank. the problem is that were getting our floors repolished. we've chosen to use water-based polish for our floors which is much less toxic, but i'm just wondering how long you think after getting the floors totally polished i can start setting up and beginning the cycling process.

thank you!:)
Typically, you shouldnt walk on a newly polished floor for 24 hours. 3 days before you should put furniture on it, and a week before its fully hardened.

Its really a question for your polisher or the manufacterer of your polish though.
We used a water based sealant on our floors and I waited a week before putting the tanks back in the room. The fumes still linger for a few days but aren't as strong as the turps based sealants.
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