Question on new Rena Filstar XP1 - media basket doesn't seal

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Feb 13, 2006
Portland, OR

Can anyone with an XP1 (or any other XP most likely) tell me if it matters if the lid to the media basket does not seal? There are no latches, it just sort of rests on the basket. It seems like it should snap into place. My Ecco media basket does, anyway.

With all the media in place the lid just doesn't fit properly. However, it may not matter because when you put the canister lid on and lock it into place, it pushes the lid down on the media basket. It's not a perfect seal on the basket, though. It seems to be working properly but I just wanted to check.

it's needs about half an inch of space from the top to snap in fully but it can also get a little bent and not sit flush. it's not a big deal after putting the lid on like you said.
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