question on Rena xp2 canister filter

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Sep 26, 2006
I just purchased a Rena xp2 to replace a magnum 350 for my 39 gallon tank. The magnum has 2 penguin bio wheels attached to it.

Would it be a wise decision to attach the bio wheels on the xp2? Would I really need them? I have two large gold severums, 2 large clown loaches, a medium plecostamus.

No, you don't have to hook the biowheels up to the filter, however, I would recommend running the XP2 along with your current filter for a couple of weeks to make sure the bacteria colonies are well established.

If you run both filters for a while, then the biowheels are definitely not necessary. HTH
You will be fine without the biowheels. The XP2 is an awsome filter. Just run the 2 together for a couple weeks, then it should be good. You could even put any remaining media from the magnum into the XP2 as well to be sure it's good.
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