Quick But urgent question :D

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Jul 2, 2011
Ottawa, Ontario
I've been cycling my aquarium and thought it was cycled no nitrite no ammonia and nitrate and then i added 1 gold gourami 3 inches and 2 dime sized angelfish i had had cycled with 2 white tip tetras and 3 neon tetras had no where to keep them after i took down my 10 gallon so i was doing constant water changes keeping levels safe. Now after adding fish i have ammonia .25-.5 and was doing more water changes keeping it under control but it hangs there. Now i have less ammonia .25-.4 and nitrite .25 maybe a touch higher. And my question is how long till the cycle completes now that i have nitrites and like less than 5ppm of nitrate.
Thanks long question but you guys are the best at advice
I don't think the tank was cycled if there was no nitrates unless it was very well-planted...it could take from another day or two to another month or two, I'm not the cycling expert so...
My mistake i meant no nitrite there was always a small precense of nitrate due to my cleaning habits :D never got higher than 10 ppm im hoping a couple of days but who knows
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