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Sep 19, 2008
Washington DC
I am looking for a pump that will deliver 1300gph after head loss. My return ends in a custom pvc spraybar so I am not sure what my head loss is...

Looking for an energy efficient, silent pump, I see that the Quiet One pumps are not only cheaper than MagDrive, but quieter and more energy efficient.

Is there a catch here?

Anyone have experience with Quiet One pumps?
I used a QuietOne 3000 (780 ghp) for many many years and never had any problems with it.
I have always loved QuietOne pumps. I too have never had a problem unless I caused it :)
Just wondering what you are basing you "more energy effiecient" statement on. I was just wondering. I`m a mag drive pump person. Very quiet and IMO energy effiecient.
I got a MagDrive24 and it is not what I would consider quiet. Also, too much flow for my system, sump like white water rapids...

Anyway, I need something near silent, Quiet One promisses less than 45 decibles, and the MagDrive24 uses something like 260 watts/hour and the Quiet One 9000 with 2300gph uses 145watts/hour. Thats all the info I judged by, if there is some other factor that I am missing please let me know.

With a ball valve restricting my flow I was able to get the desired gph, measured the water leaving the sump to an estimated 1300gph AFTER head loss, my setup ends with a custom pvc spraybar so I am not sure how to calculate head loss...

The nearest options are the QuietOne 6000 or 9000, 1500gph or 2300gph,
I can T off excess flow if I have to, but worse would be to find I don't get enough out of 1500gph...

Any advice?
Would switching to an external pump, like the reeflo dart, be worthwhile to lessen sound and energy?
I have a magdrive and the deep hummmmmmm it creates drives me up the wall, I can hear the vibration 2 rooms away. It's only been in use around 4-5 weeks now. It's not loud per se, but definitely noticable, and annoying. The vibration being locked up in a wooden cabinet stand just makes it worse...

I'm interested to hear about people's results with the Quiet One, especially noise level!
My MagDrive was too loud. More than just vibrations, the #25 was LOUD.

Relying on words and photos won't convey your dissatisfaction to ppl on this site.

All I can offer is that after switching to the QuietOne 9000, connected in-line, firmly pressed against styrofoam, with vinyl tube replacing hard PVC... this all led to a hum that I can live with.

Best of luck.
I must have got lucky then. I have a mag 12 and a 9.5 and cant hear a thing. It might have something to do with cleaning the sponges out that are at the intake. Just guessing.
I use a Quiet One 6000.....i have it installed in my sump and it works great. It's very quiet and I can't hear a thing out of it. I have been using it now for about 8 months. IMO, it's a great low cost pump.
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