Ram family remix - Ram spawning video

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Very cool video! I've never seen fish actually lay eggs before so that was neat. I didn't get to hear the music since I'm at work, I'll have to watch it again at home. Good work and editing skills! :)
Thanks :) I started taking short vids off and on the past 2 years. Then when I discovered I could Remix them in Photobucket I made that.

This is my favorite one of all. It starts right after the spawn with papa over the eggs. As you can see in the other video, the parents fight as soon as a spawn is over. These little guys stayed with dad until they were 6 weeks when I moved them to a grow out. I will get vids of them now after I clean the tank. They are now 2 months old today. :D
Here is an updated one of the little kids. They are 2 months 3 days now and range between 1/2-1 inch. They all have the dorsal fin stripe and eye stripe and the bigger ones are developing the red in their fins. I just adore these babies! They are in a tank that sits next to my desk and are always hanging at the side closest to me. :)

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