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Jun 12, 2011
Please can you rate my new 24 litre tank.
It has 6 blue barred bards and 1 algae eater (hiding in picture but will post when he comes out of hiding)


A lot of it is personal preference. How big is your tank? I have 3 tanks, 2 10g & a 46g each of the have multiple deco's for hiding, numerous real plants with a few silk plants thrown in because the real plants are still short.

Here are some pics:

This is a 10g with a male Betta & a Mystery snail

This is my 46g with 3 female Bettas, 2 Chinese Algae Eaters & 2 Mystery snails. This tank I'm thinking of re-arranging, I have a pic in my head that I think will look better.

Personally I'd add real plants & a couple more hiding spots. Also if your plants are plastic be careful because some fish can get hurt on them since they can have sharp points & such, I don't know if your planning on adding more fish at some point.
Wow thanks, your tanks look really great.
Adding more plants and hiding spaces is the certainly the way forward I think then.
My tank is 25 litres, I'm not sure what that is in gallons though. It's not a very big tank unfortunately.
The 6 blue barred barbs are being moved tomorrow as I was only looking after them.
That will leave me with just the below fish, I'm not sure of his proper name!
Thats a CAE (Chinese algae eater). They get large and aggressive and have been known to suck the slime coat off other fish. Not a good fit for a 25L tank unfortunately. 25L is about 6-7 gallons. It's a good sized tank for a betta or a school of nano fish. I like the tank btw. :)
Thanks it's nice to find out what he is. I've had him for 2&1/2 years and he's still going strong. He does change colour quite a lot not sure of that's normal.
Will definitely look at some bettas, had thought of getting some lemon tetras to!
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