RCS Tank Culling

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Aug 10, 2012

Its been a minute, but I currently have a pretty sustained RCS tank. Been up and running for about a year. Over the time I have moved some shrimp to different tanks in order to continue their colonization. Recently I moved and am now down to one tank.

I am slightly worried about the tank because I haven't seen any females in about a month. There is still probably about 100 shrimp in the tank. Are they hiding? Could something be causing the m/f ratio to be way off?

Thanks for your insights.
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This sounds strange. Can you get a few pics of different groups in the tank?

What are all the parameters, GH, kH, TDS? Temp?

Any thing - changes, like moved the tank, changed media, foods, ferts, light schedule, temp of tank? Water change schedule difference?

Plants, moss, new shrimp, fish, snails?
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