Reactor 1000 in-line with 5/8" cannister outlet?

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Dec 21, 2005
NW Ohio
Anybody running an Aqua-Medic Reactor 1000? I'm starting to assemble my pressurized CO2 system and would like to mount the reactor in-line with the filter outlet plumbing. Problem is, the filter uses 5/8" tubing and the reactor uses 1/2". I can't find any listings for replacement parts or alternate size fittings.

I will drill and tap for new barb fittings if I must, but I'm concerned about durability going that route. carbonic acid reactions with any epoxies or plastics? I would use either brass or PVC for the new fittings.

Another option is to use a 1/2-to-5/8 barb transition with a short length of hose, but again, I'm concerned about the carbonic and also the restriction.

If you have plumbed this unit in-line with a 5/8 hose, how did you do it?

Well, I got my cylinder filled at lunch ($15, no wait, at the local AGA welding supplier) and bought a couple nylon 5/8" barb x 1/2" MIP adapters.

Went back to the shop and drilled/tapped the Reactor 1000 endcaps. A little teflon tape and WHAMO, instant 5/8" compatible Reactor 1000. The plastic that Aqua-medic uses to mold these parts is easy to machine. Only problem was getting a good grip on the thing. I thought about epoxying the fittings together, but opted for tape instead. Figured if the nylon fatigues over time, I can easily replace it that way.

1/2" seems pretty small considering that the recommended volume through the reactor is a minimum 300 gph and up to something like 600 gph to support the big tanks.
I know 1/2" will exceed 300GPH, (i've tested it off my Maxi-Jet 1200)

I have some phosban reactors on their way that will do the exact same as this (30$), just waiting on it. Also 1/2" fittings..

I can't remember where I saw it, but 1/2" is capable of about 600GPH under pressure.
Nice work CG :) I've got a Reactor 1000 that I have plumbed in-line with my XP3 outlet, although my hosing was 1/2" all the way through and I didn't have to do any modifications. I works very well, the only issues (and it's not really an issue) is that I have to bleed the gas that accumulates in the reactor every couple of weeks. But that's not a problem because the manufacturer's were smart and included a bleed valve on the product. I just love German engineering :D
I haven't got mine hooked up yet, but if the reactor is accumulating CO2, shouldn't you lower your bubble count or increase your water flow?
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