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Aug 28, 2016
SO today I went and picked up supplies to get MY saltwater tank Started. Just wanted to check with you all to make sure I got everything to begin the Cycle. SO I got a 75gal tank, 4 bags of live sand, A Filter, A heater, refractometer, Aqua vitro seed, 63 pounds of Live rock and saltwater.

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Sounds good to me,[emoji846]
I'm assuming you have test kits as well to follow your progress on your cycle.

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Sounds like a great start. Toss the rock in, fill with sand, add the water, then get a cocktail shrimp and tie it in some pantyhose and let it rot. A basic Api test kit will let you track the nitrate cycle til you're done.

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Now that you mention it I would like to test the water myself? I was going to have the pet store do it but this will give me something to do during the longgggggggg wait lol

Which type of kit should I go with?
The Api master test kit is the one you want.

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Ok cool thats the one I will get then:)

I do have another question concerning the live rock. I have them stored in Styrofoam containers with wet paper towels wrapped around the top. I got them yesterday and thought that I would be getting my stand in today so I could get them in the tank and get the water covering them. However it seems that I wont get the stand till tomorrow... I poured some water over them again today to make sure everything stays moist. Will the rocks be okay till tomorrow?
I personally would recommend Salifert test kits, but at the end of the day the choice is yours[emoji846]

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