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Apr 1, 2006
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I have an XP3 with only mechanical filtration pads that came with it, the 2 coarse and one fine. I havnt bought rings and stars yet but i wanted to go ahead and get my tank on the way for my apartment, if i drop a shrimp in there will the bacteria start to colonize on the pads or is it necessary to get the rings? I know it wont be enough to put many fish in but it would be nice to go ahead and get a head start. Also does the tank need to be a certain temp for bacteria to grow? I dont have a heater yet for it either.
this is in a 55 gallon.
Well bacteria will grow in the pads just really not that much. Its better to actually use biological filter because they are designed to hold alot more bacteria then the sponges. I dont think temperature matters fo bacteria as long as its not too cold. Just go out and spend the little cahs for the biological filtering rings.
the bacteria will colonize in the substrate and on any decrations you have as well as your filter.
i would buy some ammonia to cycle your tank and not put fish in until your tank is cycled. when you use liquid ammonia you can keep the levels a lot higher and create more bacteria so you can almost completely stock your tank at one time. when you cycle your tank with fish in it your tank will only be able to handle the bio-load of .25ppm of ammonia since you have to change the water so often so your fish dont die. also i would buy a inline hydor heater for your xp3 you can get one a big als online. i would set the temp on 82 while cycling.

just some thoughts

also make sure your quick disconnect is on tight, if you read my thread named xp3 had leek(wet carpet) you will know why.
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