Reattaching a glass brace. Help!

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Jul 13, 2021

I have just reattached a glass brace for the first time. I've never used silicone so it's a bit of a mess and OTT due to a bit of a panic the other night.

Tank is 135 litres aquavogue.

My question is, would you trust this to brace the tank properly?

My friend gave me the tank and said as it was so small it wouldn't need the brace re attaching, trusting that I filled it up and surprise suprise, at about 6/8ths full, the glass started to bow.

Removed water from the tank faster than the speed of sound and have now been sat researching how to fix this for days Reaching out for help amongst friends and even the manufacturer to no avail!

I've just moved home and miss my fish so bad I just want to move them in ASAP! I live in a flat above someone though and I can't have the tank exploding all the water into their home!

Please someone put my mind at ease or tell me I'm insane!!

Thank you ?


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The immediate area of application was clean and dry before I started, I should add!
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