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Jan 4, 2004
Does anyone have one? Can you feed it flake food? Is it a hardy fish? I looked at, but i would rather get info on people who actually have the fish. The site also says that i need to feed my yellow watchman a special diet but he does just fine with flake food. tia
Mandarins traditionally need large pod populations to survive. They rarely if ever take to prepared foods. I have seen estimates from 75 to 100 pounds of live rock are need for each Mandarin in a tank. I currently have a Green Spotted Mandarin, and he loves the little copepods in my tank, but since he has been in there the numbers are severly reduced. I set up a separate tank to breed copepods and amphipods for him, so hopefully I can grow enough food to keep him healthy and happy. This is a hardy fish if given the right food, otherwise no matter how much of the other food you give him he will starve to death.

BTW- when buying the fish, you can tell if they are well fed by looking for a lateral line across their body, it looks almost like a horizontal rib. If you can see this, the fish is starving and will most likely not make it unless given a huge supply of pods to eat. Godd luck they are beautiful fish. :peace:
Can you feed it flake food?

Not likely.

The site also says that i need to feed my yellow watchman a special diet but he does just fine with flake food

I'm not sure what the special diet might be, but you should vary all fishes diet as much as possible. The goby may do fine for sometime, but if it is not getting the nutrition it needs, it will live a much shorter life than it would have.
How many pounds of live rock do you have? How big is your tank? How do you raise copepods and amphipods?

My fish seems healthy and I mix up the diet for my yellow watchman every now and then but i dont want to have to get him brine shrimp all the time because the lfs is so far away

Thanks for your help everyone. Does anyone else out there have a mandarin and can put in their 2 cents
Just a little fyi.

Brine have been compared to potato chips for fish. They have little to no nutritional value. Try something like Mysis, or a veggi or carnivore blend. They will be much better for your fish.

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