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Aug 8, 2008
Hey all. I need a Skimmer on one of my tanks bad! On my 55 Gallon tank for filteration i am running Emporer400, and Emporer280. The 400 alone is rated enough for the tank. But we all know that you really cant trust that rating. I also have roughly 44lbs LR. So im trying to put the 280 on a quarentine or something. Im looking for a good skimmer preferrably a hang on which i know is kinda hard to find. So of course the first one i come across fitting my needs is the Prizm. Iv heard a lot of mixed feelings with this skim. My buddy bought it a couple years ago, and said he hated it, but iv heard from others that live by it. Im having a hard time finding user reviews for it on Google. So does anybody on here have one? Used One? And also can you guys please recommend some better ones. That arent Too costely? I dont have a lot of room to set it somewhere thats why i like the hang on type. Thanks Kyle:bowl:
I tried one when they 1st came out. They are OK at best, but no where near enough for a 55. I wouldn't use it on anything more than maybe a 30g tank...and that might be pushing it.
i went ahead and got one, ccc you said they were ok? how do you get it to produce the bubbles you want? I got it on now, and i tweak with it, and i can get the bubbles to come up, but when it gets to the collection cup it turns to water and fills up in minutes? so then i turned down the waterflow, and then the bubbles come half way up to the overflow but never cross over to the cup cause they wont get high enough? Im just wondering how you got yours to work properly?? Please i need your help. Thanks
It will take a good week or so to break in before it really does much.
Once it breaks in, you want to try to keep the water level/bubble line inside the skimmer about 1/2 way up the "cone". The foam will build up and eventually get into the collection cup.
Also, if you have the airline plugged into the hole near the top of the collection cup, you should unplug it and just let it hang over the edge of the tank. The little hole it gets plugged into really restricts the air the skimmer can draw.
thanks a bunch dude, i thought that it wasnt going to work at all, im going to reinstall it and let it go. Just to see what we got here. Glad to know that you have to get it broken in!! So while its on and breaking in i want the bubbles to be half way UP THE CONE? I think thats what your saying so thats what i will do. Im getting the Coralife Skimmer here in a week. I get it 30% off anyways cause i work at the pet store. But that will be for my 150 gallon. My buddy sold me this tank he said it was a 125 its actually a 150 lol i couldnt believe it. Got the tank hood and oak stand for 300. waht a deal. Thanks a lot:icecream:
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