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So, I think my clownfish's eye is getting better. On another note, ever since I bought a new pump for my protein skimmer, it has been putting little bubbles in my tank:nono:
Bad news galore tonight.
1. Fish are breaking out with Ick
2. Lemonpeel Angelfish still looks a little sick.
3. Tang in the 55 is beating up the poor triggerfish. I need to upgrade SOON!:(
Anyone know any ich medications that are reef safe? I have coral snails hermits and shrimps. It looks like I have some fin rot too:(
redsea said:
Anyone know any ich medications that are reef safe? I have coral snails hermits and shrimps. It looks like I have some fin rot too:(

There aren't really any reef safe medications that work. Get a quarantine tank and go with hypo salinity.
Good news! Things seem to be getting better with the health of the fish. I guess the cleaner has been doing his job! He must have worked overtime! LOL
So..... not too good of an update

It turns out, my eyes fooled me and fish are still sick with it looks to be ick. Today my Lemonpeel Angel died.:(
carey said:
I;m really sorry to hear that. :-( What are your plans now? Qt and treat or in tank treatment?

Thank you. I'm really not sure what I am going to do. There aren't any reef safe medications for ich. Would I have to let a QT tank cycle? I just have a simple filter that came with it and I am not sure if I could use that. Is there any chance that the ich would go away on it's own without hurting the fish? Hmmmmm
Unfortunately ich doesn't just go away. I would put them into qt and use copper or hyposalinity treatment. The main tank will have to have no fish in it for like 6 weeks though to kill the ich. :-(

Are you certain its ich?
Oh ok. Unfortunately I don't know if it is ich or not. I will try to post some pictures when I get home. Thanks for your help!
Here are some pics..... I think the cleaner shrimp has done a little bit of work.....


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One of my clownfishes eye's seems to be popping out more than the other......Is it pop eye?
On another note, I have so pictures of my corals! :)


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What is this green stuff? I know the red is cyano.


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