Reef safe lobsters that wont harm fish

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it has 30-35 pounds of live rock with a cave, is that good enough, how would you feed him?
75 but it's a completely different kind of lobster and gets much much larger
i had the purple reef lobster, just keep in mind people saying they are too slow to "catch" the fish. The one I had definitely would size up claws open whenever my clown came by. I didn't want to risk anything so I just returned him
I've also heard several times that no crab should ever be trusted. I think they are opportunity hunters, if they're hungry and there's a meal they'll go after it. GRANTED, if you listen to melosu who's had plenty of experience, i'm sure if they are fed you won't have any problems.

hungry animals hunt
That's why I raised the question. I have been on dives and encountered many if them and they don't look especially friendly, at least the big ones aren't.
i would just say that none are truly worry free. you may get one thats lazy but honestly if i imagine a fish swimming by one i see it revving up to try and grab it
i cant find 1 except for live aqueria and they are out, can someone give me a link
with the lobster could i still get a bottom dweller like a blenny or a goby?
I think the lack of response indicates that most of us don't believe there is a reef safe lobster. I surely don't know if any are available and a lobster is the last creature I would put into a closed reef system.

Otherwise blennies and gobies do quite well with each other usually.
No such thing as a reef safe lobsters, you may get lucky but its not a chance worth taking for something you will never see. Also in a 20 gallon you should have 3-4 fish max. I would also tone down the coral (it does grow) I’m not looking at your numbers right now but I think I saw somewhere around 20 corals. I have 15 or so in a 75 and I’m running out of room. You could add a few more snails and hermits. I would also limit cleaner shrimp to 2, 3 max. Overall you have to tone it way down or get a bigger tank. Look into a anemone crab they are awesome to watch, they stay small and in sight, and feed from the water column. Or a boxer (pom pom) crab they are safe small and very cool. Just my advice...
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