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Sep 23, 2004
washington pa.
can i get some advise from all u finnheads out there?
i'm going to set up a refrigium for my 90 gal sw tank
what size should i use??(i was going for a 10 gal)
what substrate should i use (sand )???
how fast to pump water into an out of it??
lighting ??(2 clamp on lights with screw in compact florescent bulbs (20 wats) )where can i get the algae ??
what type ??(caulpera) ??

i'm new at refrigiums so any help will be most apreciated :)
i'm on a tight budget so i need to do this as cheaply as possible.
10g is pretty small for a 90 display tank, I'd suggest going with at least a 20. You can use rubbermaid tubs or simliar and save quite a bit over buying another tank.
I use a 25 gal rubbermaid. I have a maxi1200 pumping water from my sump to the fuge and then it gravitty feeds back into the sump. If you are putting it under the tank, are you combinging a fuge and a sump together or are they separate?

The lighting should be ok. I was using a 75 watt grow bulb and I am trying a 20w(75watt output) CF bulb 6500k now. My macro have grown very well so far.

I got my macro from a LFS and online. I know most places you can find some locally. I have some :)
How about a 15 gal tall? This is what I have under my 125. Same dimensions as a 10 but taller. I have it gravity feed back into the sump.
I used SouthDown play sand and it has worked out well. Stay away from grape clauerpa. I have mexicana and cheato(sp) that I got from members of my reef club. Do you have a LFS that sells it? You can buy it on line.....
bad job posting pics
i was thinking about puting it in my sump but decided not to (check out my gallery to see my ldea)

seaham 358- 15 g tall sounds better. but how do u get it to gravity feed from one tank to the other?
I have a sump/fuge combo on a 72 that works great. It was built by sumphead. The sump and fuge on my 75 are separate though.

To get it to gravity feed, you will have to drill a hole. That is why I used a rubbermaid container for mine. The water reaches the level of the hole and drains into the sump.
left side of tank is drilled near the top.... bulk head put in and the white pvc u see takes the over flow to the return side of the sump. I have the tak on 2x4 on there sides to get me over the sump. Rubbermaid would be cheaper... I like looking at the fuge so I would not be able to do that with the rubbermaid
Best way to feed the tak would be to tap into the return from the tank. I have 2 returns to my tank so I tapped into one of those instead because it was easier.
You want low flow in the fuge I have no PH in the fuge at all just the flow from the return.
I never did find a rubbermaid to fit under my tank. Dimensions were never right. I put my sump and fuge in a closet on the other side of a wall. Solved that :)
what if i put a divider in the fuge -say1.5 inches from one end
and cut teeth (similar to the tank overflow)
to drain then have a hole drilled w bulkhead fitting to my sump?
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