Refugium algea

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Nov 17, 2004
Hi all. 55 gal. FOWLR no fish yet still cycling the tank. Have done some water changes and things are going well. I have added a CPR refugium with a built in protein skimmer. It has LR, LS and is growing different types of algea which is part of the plan. Here is the question, a brown film is also visable in the refugium. Brown algea I guess ????? I cleaned it out and is back again 5 days later. Should I keep cleaning, or just let it go ???? Thanks
Its normal for a new tank to go through this, its called diatoms. Will go away on its own if you keep the water quality high and run a good skimmer.
Also after the cycle, check and keep your PO4 to a minimum and you should be golden. :)
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